anglais Jaime de Hagen, a pianist and composer born in Argentina, settled in France in 1990 and currently shares his creative activity with teaching. He works at the Cité de la Musique et de la Danse de Soissons (France), a privileged place for learning and musical diffusion, where teachers and students meet the greatest artists.

He wrote many works, among them « Para mi ciudad » (To My City), which is a suite for piano four hands in a way that evokes Buenos Aires, his native city, a work that was recorded with Pascale Lam-Lepère. In the field of piano literature, he also wrote « Para mi tierra » (To My Land), a suite of Argentine folk dances, the « Fantasía Porteña » , the « Variaciones Danzantes y Fuga » (Dancing Variations and Fugue), and the « Bolero ».

In addition, he composed the music for the musical tale « Le chant de la Licorne » (The Song of the Unicorn), a work for 4 soloists, children’s choir and orchestra, which was presented several times at the  Centre Culturel  du Mail in the city of Soissons (France). His compositions also include a large number of works for various instrumental ensembles and symphonic bands.

He performed in several countries such as Argentina, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic, either as a soloist, with an orchestra, or as part of various ensembles.